Summer Program at Dr. Clark’s Reading Centre Ltd.


Summer Programs are once again available this summer as it is a great time for students to improve their academic abilities.  A little one-to-one instruction during the summer can go a long way to heighten success in the following school year!


The summer 2020 program will be an online tutoring program that will include a total of 16 tutoring sessions over 8 consecutive weeks ($675).  The sessions will take place every Monday/Wednesday (June 29 and onward) or Tuesday/Thursday (June 30 and onward).


We also offer an 8-session program. This program will be one session per week over 8 consecutive weeks starting the week of Monday, June 29 ($350).


Please note that tutoring on Monday, August 5 (Civic stat holiday) is rescheduled for Friday August 9 at the same start time.

Allowance is made for holidays that you may have booked for the summer. Pre-planned absences can be declared on the summer program registration form. A calendar of available make-up times for the pre-planned absences that you declared at the time of registration will be accessible on our website on or before June 27. Simply click on the ‘Current Clients’ tab at our website to view the Make-up Calendar. After finding an appropriate opening(s), please email me ( to claim it. I will confirm all requested times by email.


If you have interest in summer online tutoring but want further information about the centre and programs prior to registering, please feel free to contact me by phone (905-666-5566) or click on the link below. I am happy to provide any information that you require.


We look forward to a fun and productive summer!


Donald Clark, Ed.D.


Dr. Clark’s Reading Centre Ltd.

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