Summer Program at Dr. Clark’s Reading Centre Ltd.


Summer Programs are once again available this summer as it is a great time for students to improve their academic abilities.  A little one-to-one instruction during the summer can go a long way to heighten success in the following school year!


The 2021 summer program will be an online tutoring program that will include a total of 15 tutoring sessions over 8 consecutive weeks ($650).  The sessions will take place every Monday/Wednesday (June 28 to August 18) or Tuesday/Thursday (June 29 to August 19).


We also offer an 8-session program. This program will be one session per week over 8 consecutive weeks starting the week of Monday, June 28 ($350).


Please note that there is no tutoring on Canada Day (July 1) nor on the Monday, August 2 Civic holiday.

Allowance is made for holidays that you may have booked for the summer. Pre-planned absences must be declared on the summer program registration form. Clients who are attending the 15 session program can reschedule up to 4 summer sessions and clients doing the 8 session program can reschedule up to 2. The reschedule dates should be worked out directly with the tutor.


If you have an interest in online summer tutoring but want further information about the centre and programs prior to registering, please feel free to contact me by phone (905-666-5566) or click on the link below. I would be happy to provide any information that you require.


We look forward to a fun and productive summer!


Donald Clark, Ed.D.


Dr. Clark’s Reading Centre Ltd.