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  • My child hasn't had success with online schooling, will this be effective?"
    Yes, working one-to-one has proved to be much more effective than online schooling. Ongoing one-to-one dialogue keeps students engaged.
  • How simple is the technology set-up for online tutoring?
    Clients simply click a Zoom video-conferencing link that is sent via email. No software download is required.
  • Is my child a suitable candidate for tutoring?
    I would be happy to give you a call or schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your child’s tutoring needs and propose a program that can lead to success. Tutors at the centre have extensive experience working with students of varying exceptionalities.
  • Is tutoring done one-to-one?
    Yes, all tutoring done is conducted online using a 1:1 student-teacher format. Without question, this is the most effective means for your child to learn as the tutor can focus exclusively on his or her individual needs. If learning in a group environment was effective for your child, you would not likely be seeking tutoring at this time.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No, you do not have to commit to a minimum number of tutoring sessions. You are never locked into tutoring. It is our goal to have you continue with tutoring because you can see the positive results.
  • Can I arrange an academic assessment?
    Yes, online academic assessments are possible to determine achievement levels and provide diagnostic information in the areas of reading, reading sub-skills, receptive & expressive language, grammar, writing, spelling, and mathematics. The assessment results would be used to develop an academic program that will meet the specific needs of your child.
  • Is an assessment required?
    No, an assessment is not required but is worthwhile in many instances to help guide instruction and provide a baseline for future re-assessment. After reviewing all existing information and assessments, a decision would be made with your input regarding whether an assessment would be beneficial.
  • What is the cost?
    The cost for an assessment varies depending upon the extent of the testing requested. We do our best to make the assessment charge affordable so as not to create a barrier to your child receiving tutoring. The cost per session for tutoring varies slightly depending upon the seniority of the tutor, albeit all tutor options are excellent. The cost per session is reduced for any client who sets up 2 or more sessions per week. Please call for prices specific to your assessment and tutoring needs.
  • What results can I expect from tutoring?
    We have had excellent results from tutoring children in all academic areas. The results do vary, however, typically based on the cognitive profile of the student. More time is generally required to achieve desired academic gains for children with a particularly weak memory and slow processing speed. Given the wide range of student cognitive profiles, we cannot responsibly guarantee a particular rate of learning. What we can assure you is that we will attempt to make this one of the most fruitful expenditures you have ever made. We have been in business for over 20 years and have earned the respect of countless parents, teachers, psychologists, speech & language pathologists, and doctors in the region. Strong referrals is by far our largest source of new clients.
  • How can I tell if progress is being made?
    We re-assess students and provide the results to parents. Results include normative testing that determine percentiles, grade-equivalence, and age-equivalence. The results will be reported to you and future programming discussed.
  • Will my child be tutored by the same tutor at each session?
    Yes, students are carefully matched with a regular tutor who is best suited to meet their needs.
  • Do you communicate with classroom teachers and support staff?
    Yes, we communicate with teachers regarding student programming if given permission by the parent. This can help us support school assignments and help pinpoint areas in need of tutoring support, particularly when an assessment is not requested.
  • What are the hours available for tutoring?
    Online tutoring is available during and after school hours up to 8:30 pm. Weekend tutoring is also available.
  • Do you offer tutoring during the summer?
    Yes, every year we offer a summer tutoring program.
  • Do you tutor adults?
    Yes, tutoring is available for adults. Learning is a life-long process!
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